Tim + Emily's Wedding: The Barn at Gooseneck Bend

Tim and Emily's love story began in the Summer of 2015, when Tim's cousin Brooke had a boating accident. Tim was the first family member to respond to Emily's message, and after that day they never stopped talking. When the two of them would spend time together they would go to the overlook in Webbers Falls, OK. Emily always worked late, after work they would drive around until they ended up there. They became great friends over the next couple of months, their friendship quickly developed into a relationship. Their relationship became "Facebook official" on September 14, 2015. Emily stated, "I knew I loved him and knew he was something different three weeks after we started talking". Tim agreed. Their love continued to grow through every situation that they faced. Tim first told Emily that he loved her on her birthday, December 16, 2015. They spent the next two years getting to know each other and falling more in love with one another. In April 2017, Tim finally proposed to Emily by taking her back to where they first started falling in love. Then began the planning for there big day! They spent the next five months planning every specific detail for their wedding. The wedding day arrived and every detail was perfect. From Emily getting ready, to walking down the isle, to their first dance as a newly married couple, you could see and feel the love between the two of them. It was a perfect day!           

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As told by Emily, "The vow ceremony was absolutely everything we could've dreamed of".

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